Danny Harrison

The Anti-Establishment Republican Candidate For Governor

There Is A Change Coming To Texas

Like it or not there is a change coming to Texas and that change is not going to be one that establishment Republicans like. Right now our party is divided as it has ever been and we need to come together and stop eating our own young, create new and innovative ideas to move ahead, and think boldly about where we are going. Unless we stand up against the establishment we will eventually end up losing Texas and all of the hard work that we have put into making and keeping this state a shining beacon of commerce, prosperity, and ideas to the world.

If We Do Not United Against This Machine Then We Will Fall

”I was not put here by the party nor did I beg and plead for my chance. I decided to run because I believe in Texas, our democracy and a true fundamental change.”

Danny Harrison for Governor

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Like you, Danny loves his family. At the center of it is his wife, Tracie. Tracie keeps Danny grounded and focused on all of the right things in life: God, Family and Country. She is a graduate of Liberty University and has made an impact on Danny’s life in ways that not even he can fully explain or understand. Like with everything this campaign is fully grounded in ideas–ideas that a good for the people of Texas. Danny believes that it isn’t the government’s place to legislate morality or common sense. He believes that the government should give more than it takes. When you hear Danny speak at events around Texas you come to know one thing: He isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Learn more about Danny and the issues. Get involved today!