They Aren’t Taking You and I Seriously?

I am more than just a little bit pissed. Republican hardliners are trying to protect themselves by not taking our campaign seriously. They are ignoring us and they are sending the message that unless you are well funded, bought off and in the pocket of somebody then you can’t be legitimate. I call bullshit. That is what’s wrong with our party!

I have been blessed to be able to travel around the state to speak with some groups. Last week I was over in the Texarkana area talking with folks out there who really seemed to support our anti establishment message. Same thing down in Deep East Texas. In a few weeks I will be going down to the Austin area and touring through South Texas. I have been to places like Pleasanton, Texas where they have openly supported the message about an anti-establishment, outsider candidate on the Republican ticket. But guess what—the party leadership isn’t taking us seriously.

Is it because we don’t look like them? Maybe we dion’t think EXACTLY like them on every issue? Maybe it is because you and I are not wearing plaid shirts and khakis. Maybe it is because we aren’t kissing ass to the party line. Maybe it is because you and I, working class, everyday Republicans are not the idea of they have in mind when they think of leaders? Whatever it is they are proving the Democrats right and that is killing our party and our state.

I was turned down for an even out in Wise County because the PACs didn’t think we were serious. Did you catch that? The PACs didn’t think we were serious. Can it get anymore plain than that right there! When in the living Hell did PACs have rule over ”We, the people ” in this country. Sure, PACs are made up of people, but they are like minded people who exist to protect their own special interest. There’s your trouble.

You and I have got to stand and kick against the pricks of this establishment machine. We have got to do something to take Texas back from the fringes and the edge of disaster. Two things you can do to help:

You can tell people about our campaign 

You can request that we speak in your area

I am happy to come and speak with any group that wants to hear us out—even if they oppose us. If they don’t take us seriously then we will take them seriously and beat them in the Primary!

Tell your friends about our movement to eliminate the establishment politics in Texas and return the state to the Lord and the Working Man!

God Bless Y’all and May God Bless This State!

Published by dannyharrisonfortexas

I am Danny Harrison and I am running for Governor of Texas! I am NOT your normal Republican—I am an antiestablishment Republican who is independent and open minded in my way of thinking. I believe that what this world needs is a few more of the “common man” running for public office and far less of these talking heads. We need a little more respect for God, Democracy and the Working Class. For once we need some representation in Austin! When was the last time that ever happened? Give me a chance. Hear me out. I am not an career politician or some entertainer who makes a living off of telling you what consultants think you want to hear. I am. Not somebody who has lived in government my entire life. I am a landscaper, a businessman, an open minded Republican with an independent streak. Come to think about I am just like you. Give my platform a chance. I am Danny Harrison and I am asking for your vote to be the next Governor of Texas.

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