We all know that Texas has the toughest and most difficult gambling laws in the country, but could the state benefit from changing its outlook? Let’s face it, just simply playing an organized hand of Texas Hold ‘Em could get you slapped with a misdemeanor and earn hundreds of dollars in fines. Is that really necessary? The state offers few exceptions to these laws with the exception of things like some dog and horse racing. Historical betting is also considered illegal in Texas. 

Roulette, slot casino wagering and sports betting are very strictly prohibited in Texas. The truth is that Texas has got to come around and grow the Hell up! 

The Republican Party has got to stop with this same old “Granny Panty” approach with things. The tide has been turning slowly and new legislation was recently proposed to make some impressive changes to the voting laws here in Texas. But like always, it didn’t really go anywhere. 

The Republican Party establishment has been fear mongering Texans for years by saying things like grandma is going to go and spend her whole retirement check on immoral gaming. Well guess what, that same grandma is likely going to go down to the game room or the bingo parlor or liquor store and do the same damn thing. Again, it is more of the establishment trying to regulate morality. We can’t do that and it needs to stop. 

First off, have you actually been to Vegas or any place that has casinos? Most of us have. Casino resorts are economic drivers in many rural places. They bring in entertainment, hotel and motel taxes, food and beverage taxes, and the owners spend a ton of money supporting the local communities. 

“Oh but, Danny! Just think about all of that sin it attracts!” 

Who cares? This is not some Religious ruled nation that forces everyone to live under a religious book. That is the same tyrannical ideology that we fought in the War on Terror. Government is not in the business of legislating morality. That is no way to govern. 

I must admit that I myself am not really a gambler. I don’t know much about table games, etiquette, and all of the rules. But I do enjoy the shows, the lights and the entertainment that comes along with casinos and resorts. This is just more of this establishment party line bullshit that needs to be stopped. We are not in the business of controlling religious morality. I hate to break it to you but Jesus died so we could all make our own choices. Simple as that. So take the religious pious complaints someplace else. 

This is America and we all have a right to decide for ourselves how we live our lives. I think that gaming, casinos and the associated resorts are good things and we need to let the people of Texas decide what they want. I promise you that they will leave the old Republican guard in the dust—by the way, isn’t that what Saddam’s inner military was called? The Republican Guard? Sounds right to me. 

Let’s look at the benefits and less at the moral compass. You’ll her me talk about that plenty during this campaign.

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