People in rural Texas are dying and where has our state leadership been on this issue? Like always they have been silent.

When seconds matter it can be more than an hour from the time some rural Texans call for help to the time that they get to an emergency room. To make matters worse, when they get to a rural hospital the help that they get is often just not enough. Truth is that is no fault of the doctors and nurses.

Reality is that once you finally get to your rural Texas hospital you will be simply stabilized and then transported to a bigger facility—if the facility even has the resources to stabilize you. The cold hard truth here is that some of our fellow Texans are dying due to a lack of healthcare access! This has got to be stopped and we can do it at the ballot box!

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What has our establishment leaders done to improve EMS response times in rural Texas? What have they done to help our rural hospitals recruit and retain qualified specialists? What have they done to encourage large hospital systems to place larger, more capable facilities into the reach of millions of Texans. Not a damn thing because they were too damn busy catering to their suburban base voters about bullshit scare tactic agenda items. They were not worrying about you and your family.

Listen to me: There is money out there to fund air ambulance services. There are ways to create public/private partnerships for emergency medical care. They is a better way forward and I believe that we can get there.

You have heard me talk plenty about the billions of new dollars that the state could bring in by attracting entertainment and gaming venues to the state. That is billions…listen to me closely…billions of dollars that could be used to save the lives of Texans who live far outside of the suburban areas.

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Governor Abbott, establishment Republicans nor Democrats give a rat’s ass about tackling a problem like this because they believe that their primary voting groups live in suburban areas. They might be right. But damnit to Hell rural Texans have a right to be heard and represented, too.

But you wouldn’t know about this issue if you are trying to put out fires in your administration or trying to build your social media brand or trying to figure out a way to revive your political career. Hell no! You don’t know about this because you are not out there living the same life that millions of Texans are living. You are stuck living your privileged taxpayer funded or Columbia education pipe dreams. It is time that we put a focus on where it needs to be—right here at home!

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