Why Not Consider Us A Legitimate Candidacy? Because If They Do They Prove Us Right.

This campaign has spent a lot of time trying to reach out it to Republican groups across the state asking to come and speak with them. Many of the have agreed and have been very gracious to allow us the chance to come and speak. On the flip side there have been many, many more who have told us to “get lost,” even though they are inviting other candidates to speak and participate in events. The reason they are not allowing us to come and speak to them is because they see us as a danger.

You and I are a danger to their existence and to their longstanding agenda. If they allow us to speak they are actually allowing the democratic process to play out. That is obviously something that the establishment really wants to happen. Hell, they want to keep it all tied close to the hip so they can control the party narrative. That is bullshit. Pure dee old bullshit.

You and I deserve better than this. You and I deserve better representation that the same old party line that we have been getting since back in 1994. The time has come for a change in direction. Let me explain it very clearly—they are holding up true progress in the Republican Party.

There, I said it. While many Republicans are willing to take a stand and fight and allow the democratic process to play out—many are not. They judge your true candidacy by the size of your bank account or how many social media followers you have. We cannot allow for this to stand and we must fight for our voices to be heard at the ballot box. Many of our fellow Republicans are in fact simply obstructionists. How does that sit with you?

It shouldn’t sit very well because it is the truth. It is funny that we are all for things until we are against it. You can sit there and talk about how you don’t have time to have every candidate and yada yada yada. But really the problem is that you don’t want to spend time LISTENING to different ideas—especially ones that might challenge you.

I encourage our party chairs across the state of Texas to do the right thing and standup for the democratic process that Americans have been fighting and dying for since our inception. Allow for all candidates to have equal and fair time to pitch their case and cause. Stand beside the pillars of freedom and not against them.

The time has come that we address these failed ideas of eating our own young. The time has come to stand against party norms before the Democrats come and rip our hard work apart. The old idea of “change or die” is louder than ever. If we do not change our ways then we will surely die. Is that what any of us Republican voters want? I don’t think so.

Published by dannyharrisonfortexas

I am Danny Harrison and I am running for Governor of Texas! I am NOT your normal Republican—I am an antiestablishment Republican who is independent and open minded in my way of thinking. I believe that what this world needs is a few more of the “common man” running for public office and far less of these talking heads. We need a little more respect for God, Democracy and the Working Class. For once we need some representation in Austin! When was the last time that ever happened? Give me a chance. Hear me out. I am not an career politician or some entertainer who makes a living off of telling you what consultants think you want to hear. I am. Not somebody who has lived in government my entire life. I am a landscaper, a businessman, an open minded Republican with an independent streak. Come to think about I am just like you. Give my platform a chance. I am Danny Harrison and I am asking for your vote to be the next Governor of Texas.

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