Divorce–it is just something that happens, and when it does we would hope that works out fair and equitable in the best interest of the children. Guess what–it doesn’t.

All too often the system works in favor of the state. You heard me right. It works in favor of the state and not the families involved. Because the state of Texas wants to secure as much of the federal pie as they can from the Social Security 42 U.S.C. 622. We have a real problem here and it starts with our family court system and our state.

I have been talking to parents around the state about this very issue and we have to address it. Why is it when mom and dad make a mutual agreement and present it to the courts the Attorney General can, and often does object to the agreement? Because the state demands access to the federal money to support themselves. Here is the cold hard truth: As proven time and time again Texas does not care about our children–all we care about is money. That has to stop!

There is no remedy under the law for these very broad decisions made by the family courts in Texas. Legislation was almost passed this session to make it more fair and equitable. But it didn’t make it. We have to have more support from lawmakers and state leaders on this issue. Let me quote you directly from the state code:

“The presiding judges and the Title IV-D agency shall act and are authorized to take any action necessary to maximize the amount of federal funds available under the Title IV-D program,” Texas Family Code, section 201.107 (c).

Does this sound like it is in the best interest of children to you? It doesn’t sound like it to me either.

Title IV D gives the state a lot of money. Child support enforcement is what funds the AG’s Office in Texas. This gives the AG’s office and its officers incentives to keep the rates high and keep the money flowing through their system. THIS MUST BE REFORMED.

As Governor I will fight for the rights of parents on EVERY issue…including this one! And trust me, it is a big one. We must hold our AG office accountable and we must hold our courts accountable!

Send them a message now! Stand with me as I fight for Texas parental rights!

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