I have had just about enough of the lies coming from the state of Texas, more specifically from our Department of Criminal Justice. They are spreading misinformation, rumors and lies in order to further the agenda lead by both Democrats and far-Right Republican leaders in the state. They want you to live in fear because if you live in fear, they control you.

A vast majority of Texas prison or state jail inmates are there because of low level crimes. Many are there because of criminal enhancements and bad plea deals force fed to poor Texans by self-serving prosecutors and bad public defenders. Reality is that prisons were originally made for the worst of the worst in society—not the least among us. But you’ll never hear that from a Texas politician.

Conditions in Texas prisons and state jails are among the worst in the world. Truth is that if we were our own country the leaders of TDCJ would likely be tried in The Hague for Crimes Against Humanity—and they had damned well ought to be. Men were tried and convicted for far less following World War II.

An estimated 700,000 Texas citizens are in the State sponsored justice system. Let that sink in. Of those, some 127,000 are in state jails and prisons. Of those, less than half are “violent offenders.” Do you see the lie they are telling? We are spending in 2021 $2,818,289,595 to incarcerate felons. That is a Hell of a lot of money on people who write hot checks, smoke a little weed, drive without a license, misdemeanor theft (state convictions), non-aggravated assault, and other relatively minor offenses. This is an insane amount of money that taxpayers are paying for a useless and outdated system of “justice.”

In their budget they claim to spend $29,848,257 to maintain adequate facilities. I call bullshit. Have you seen a Texas prison or State Jail? The places are infested with illness and disease, unclean and far from sanitary, many do not have air conditioning, hygiene supplies are very limited for inmates and indigent healthcare is even less available than ever. Reality is that we could cut their budget with a stroke of the pen and redirect it to public resources to help truly correct behavior, create actual good paying jobs for people and get them the mental health res-our establishment that they truly need. TDCJ and the State of Texas are liars and they are playing off of your fears.

Have you ever wondered why so many resources in Texas go to hunting down a person with warrants? The answer is simple—because we built so many criminal justice facilities that we have to keep them full in order to justify our previous mistakes. Ann Richards called State Jails “tools for rural economic development.” Greg Abbott calls them “necessary place to hold bad people.” Well, last I checked a petty thief was not a bad criminal and neither was a pot smoker. If we took the money we wasted and used for actual good then we could make a difference.

Day one I will begin working to free spaces in our county jails and state facilities. I will demand that the Legislature get their asses to work on criminal justice reform. I will see to it that ONLY the worst of the worst get thrown behind bars and used for “economic development.” The time has come that we stop the bullshit and any politician that stands in my way will get a good heaping dose of their own medicine—you dish out torture, you get dealt torture.

I will make sure that the liars who spread this misinformation about the “wonderful work” done by TDCJ are sent to the unemployment line. I will see to it that we, Texas become an example for what positive reforms can do and not an example of how to be the next German Gulag.

Enough is enough and it is time that we take the fight to the liars, hypocrites and bastards that try to force us into fear! Adios!

God Bless You and God Bless Texas!

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