I know how this is going to sound but I do love President Trump and I love almost everything that he stands for. I really do. He was tough on border security, strong for the American economy and he was and is an Independent Republican fighting against big tech, the media and foreign government involvement in American politics. But we are being faced with a brand new problem in the GOP that needs to be addressed and that is unity and fairness. Hear me out on this.

Republicans have done some great things and we can do even more greater things if we come together and stop infighting amongst ourselves. I recently had the chance to meet and greet former Speaker of the House and Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan while he was visiting Dallas. I posted that picture here on Facebook and got a lot of backlash from folks about it. That’s fine–feel as you wish. But that is symptomatic of part of the problem in the party. We seem to have forgotten who we are fighting for–the people of Texas and the American people.

We have become a party of demands that seeks overall, conclusive 100% control of everything, everyone and every idea. That is less of a Democracy and more of a dictatorship. When one party demands control over everything bad things happen. When new ideas are heard, independent thinking prevails and willing minds come to the table great things can happen. Let me explain this from a Texas point of view.

Republicans have fought to protect everything from special interest rights to the rights of unborn children. We cater to the religious right while pushing Asians and others further away from the party. We govern using autocratic methods instead of seeking aggressive solutions. We fail to meet many members of our own party right where they are at. There is a better way forward.

Over the past few days I have said that on day one I will begin working to release low-level offenders from prison and work to begin cutting the multi-billion dollar TDCJ budget. How do we do that? By doing the most Christian thing you can do to somebody–extend mercy while respecting justice. Not every crime deserves incarceration–especially in a state that lacks common sense marijuana laws and proactive child support programs. We in Texas believe that almost everybody should be incarcerated no matter what little law they broke. In other words, we would be right there sitting alongside the Sanhedran casting our autocratic viewpoint of right and wrong.

Go to prison and get an education, right? Wrong. You go to prison and sit in a classroom ran by a fellow convict who could careless about you and your education. Sure, somebody somewhere oversees it while they collect a salary but they do very little to actually run the program and ensure that people are being corrected. Why? Because TDCJ is not set up to correct behavior. It exists totally to be punitive. It is time that we clear out our jails and prisons of low-level mentally ill people and get them the help that they need.

But how do we pay for those services?

Great question! We find new sources of revenue without raising taxes. We legalize gaming in Texas and grab up the billions upon billions of dollars that we send out of state. We reinvest those dollars right back here into Texas and we see the benefit of them at work. We take those tax dollars and use them for good.

We legalize historical horse racing in Texas and we allow horse and dog tracks to operate casinos alongside of their horse and dog racing operations. We allow them them to build resorts alongside of their facilities and give them the fleibility to offer larger pots. Meanwhile we collect tax money hand over fist and reinvest that money back into Texas!

But why not? Because the religious far right and out of state gaming interests have seen to it that you and I do not get a say so in the matter. They treat it just like marijuana and sell scare tactics about how grandma will bet her entire check on the ponies. Well, guess what! If grandma is not betting the ponies she is likely already wasting her money elsewhere. Secondly, marijuana is not a gateway drug–contrary to what you have always been told by many establishment GOP party wonks. Far from it. There are plenty of “potheads” as you like to call them who do get proven benefits from marijuana. There are even more who love smoking just for the sake of smoking it–just like a pack of Marlboros. But chances are you or somebody you know is addicted to that highly addictive substance and it doesn’t bother you in the least.

Do you see the problem here? The problem is us, ourselves. We are standing in the way of progress and as an Independent Republican I am going to change that. I am going to stand up for Texas and Texans. I am going to work to free people from prisons and jails who don’t need to be there. I am going to work to make gaming legal and expand horse and dog racing in Texas. I am going to be the Governor who actually works for the people and not the special interest.

I love Trump! I really do! But check it out–before he was President most Republicans hated him, too. I get it. You get it. We all get it. We need to stop being the party of Lincoln and start being the party of “We The People.”

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