Today is Sunday, October 3, 2021 and as I sit here writing this I have many thoughts wandering through my mind. Thoughts of how we as a state and a country can do better and how that in all that divides there is hope.

As I talk to Texans I learn that many of us have the same hopes and dreams. We want to be secure physically and financially, we want to prosper while being balanced, and we want to be better than the measure that we think others should be. There is nothing wrong with that and I think that as Texans we deserve the chance to make that happen.

There are plenty of things that divide us and many of them are at a national level. Things like immigration divide us. Healthcare costs split us apart. The financial divide caused by failed national economic policies from both parties are causing stress right here at home. More Americans are living in fear today than ever before because everything is so divided and they don’t know where to turn. But there is hope.

Recognizing that many of you may not be very religious or share the same Christian values that I and my family do, I will spare you the sermon on how I believe that the hope we all seek is found only in Jesus Christ–the Messiah. I won’t quote to you Biblical passages or religious scholars. While I do believe in those truths, I also believe in the will and power of the people of Texas and in America.

We live in a time of great terror and fear caused not by foreign terrorists but created by two political parties and their special interest groups that keep getting them elected. The same Texas that once knew great freedom now knows only political fear tactics based totally upon impression and oppression. While we once thought of terrorists as having names like Osama Bin Laden and Ahmed Gahailiani, they now have more common names more easily recognized and pronounced. They live among us spreading fear, lies and misinformation in hopes that we will believe and trust in them for our future. Terror groups once had names like Al-Queada and Hezbollah. Now, they are just simply known as the “far-right” and the “far-left.” These are among the most serious threats to America and to Texas and the time has come for them to be defeated and conquered.

We live in fear being told that we are being invaded and attacked. We are shown pictures of people flooding our borders, and no doubt that they are. But then our Governor, trying to pretend to have his Benjamin Netanyahu moment, goes down to the border and uses taxpayer dollars and resources for a photo op properly planned out by a “Granite Winger” and calls it a “steal barrier” similar to Israel’s Iron Dome. Why did he do that? Because the far-right understands that language.

On the flip side we see the far-left generating a humanitarian crisis that is only equal to the Syrian evacuation. They show children with bleeding feet and adults in tattered clothing making their way across a shallow stretch of river only to be denied entry for political reasons. The far-left, like the far-right are simply playing upon your emotions to make you feel something. The far-left wants you to feel empathy, the far-right wants you to feel anger. Meanwhile you and I can see through their lies and know that the truth really is somewhere in the middle and we didn’t need to waste taxpayer money and resources for a photo op planned out by a Presidential wishful. What we need is balanced leadership. It is easy to see who the real problem and threat is here and that something must be done.

The real problem is far more complex than the national talkers can ever understand. It is more complex than what a Floridian, a silver-spooner or a comedian can grasp. The real problem runs far deeper in Texas and in America, and I want to talk with you about that this morning.

Just this week my campaign received and email from Irma, who recently lost her husband due to complications from diabetes. Irma and her husband Ronald lived their entire lived their entire lives in a small west Texas community near Ozona. 20 years ago Ronald was diagnosed with diabetes and he did the best that he could to manage it. He regularly visited healthcare providers who prescribed him proper medication gave him the best treatment that they could. Irma and Ronald worked around their home of Sheffield doing the best that they could to survive. They purchased groceries from their local supermarket that was stocked with only limited amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables that are needed for a proper diabetic diet. Go into any rural supermarket in Texas and you’ll see that the selection of varied fruits and vegetables is limited at best. But they did what they could. Then one day Ronald’s kidneys began to fail him and he was forced to go onto dialysis. Ideally, Irma and Ronald would have to make the trek to either Fort Stockton or Ozona to the clinic several days each week. The cost of travel was enormous–more than they could afford.

Then one day when Ronald suffered a silent heart attack, just as many diabetics do. Ronald and Irma waited with a kind deputy over 45 minutes for paramedics to arrive. By then there was little they could do to save Ronald’s life. Irma’s world was torn upside down and the man that she loved her entire life–her high school sweetheart was gone. Ronald died at only 58 years-old.

Now that might sound scary to you and I hope it does because this is a reality that millions of our fellow Texans face every single day while Gov. Abbott plays to the fears of his based that his consultants identify will help him make the next step to the White House. Republicans and Democrats have done very little to make sure that millions of Texans have access to fresh food and medical care outside of the population centers. If Ronald had lived in Sugar Land he might could have lived another few years or longer. But he didn’t. He lived in place where medical care is hit and miss at best and fresh food is rare. Millions of Texans are in their shoes and are being ignored by the political terrorist who, by design are killing thousands of Texans each year without firing a shot. To the far-left and the far-right I am telling you this–the blood of Texans is on your hands and the time has come for you to pay. We have had enough.

Let me also tell you about Katie. Katie was born premature and forced to head off to a children’s hospital over 200 miles away from her home in rural Texas. Her parents struggled to make ends meet. Mom, Larissa stayed at the hospital while dad stayed at home to work and provide money for Larissa to stay near their daughter. Their community came together to help where they could because that is what small towns in Texas do for their own. Meanwhile, as Katie fought for life and Larissa and Julian fought to balance finances the Texas Legislature was arguing over abortion and women’s healthcare, immigration policy, gun laws and other hot-button national issues. They were not focused on people like Katie and her family in the least. Luckily, things are turning out well and everybody is back home, but without better resources and without proper educational and advancement opportunities what hope does a child like Katie have right here in Texas? None if you let these terror cells continue.

While I have spoken of tragedy and death I want to leave you with hope. A hope that it does not have to be this way. On October 3, 1990 Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachov and German Chancellor Helmut Kohl agreed to unify Germany within Nato that led to reunification of East and West Germany. Part of this was done because the people on both sides of the divide were growing tired of the division and oppression. They had everything that was once precious to them stripped from their lives for far too long. American President Ronald Reagan recognized this and stood toe to toe with these leaders to assist in brokering a deal that on this date 31 years ago came to reality. But the real heart of the matter is that people had grown sick of being forcefully divided by political ideas and agendas and they were ready to call out the government for what they were–terrorists, seperatists, divisonaries and fear mongers. These political leaders represented everything that was bad in the world–much like they do today here in America and in Texas. They offered plenty of reasons to stay divided but offered no reason for why they should be unified. But the people knew better and with a little hlep from global leaders they were able to act upon it and destroy the political terrorists much like we have here in America today. Because they were tired, they became free once again. In that same spirit, I call on you this Sunday to commit to fight these domestic political terror groups that believe in the divide and conquer mentality and stand with everyday Texans and Americans. Stand with people like me who are willing to fight and die for the right to be free and live the best life that we can, the way that we so choose. Help me defeat these domestic terror cells known as the far-right and far-left.

Together, we can unify America and Texas! We can “tear down this wall,” while protecting our border without taxpayer funded photo ops. We can kill their hopes and dreams like they are killing ours. We can stop the oppression and terror stemming from Washington and Austin. I am asking that today, you commit to standing with me and burn down these deep divisions that are being used to kill off the common man. Stand for Texas! Stand for America and her people! Stand for Katie! Stand for Irma! Stand for the millions of Texans like them! Stand to be unified!

God Bless you! God Bless The State of Texas!

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