Good Monday Morning,

As I sit here at my desk preparing for the week ahead, I am looking forward to all of the many tasks that I have to do in order to run a successful business. Jobs must bid on, contracts negotiated and secured. Bills paid on-time. The list goes on and on. Like many of you, my fellow Texans and Americans, I am hard t work getting things done. Too bad our government and the elected are not.

Oh sure, it could be said that they are down in Austin hashing out the mandated redistricting process and doing exactly what they were sent to Austin to do. But are they really? The truth is that they are down in Austin and up in Washington working towards pre-set party-imposed goals that don’t mean a hill of beans to most Texans. They are simply doing what they want to do and you and I are being left out of the equation.

For far too long we have been living like this. Instead of a government “Of the People, By The People, and For The People,” we have become a society built upon “Of the government, by the government, for the government.” This must stop.

Republicans have done many great things in Texas. They have created jobs, fostered growth and helped create laws that protect the sanctity of life. Good work! But the reality is that the party has ran out of ideas on how to work for we the people and because of that it is collapsing under its own agenda.

Because the Republican Party has been out of step with true Texans, little has gotten done at the grassroots level. The truth is that we Republicans have become our own worst enemy. Because we have failed to act in the best interest of all Texans, we are now vulnerable to being replaced by a Democrat party that believes only in bigger government and bigger spending. Of course, if you listen to the people who the party pays to collect and analyze the data, this would entirely wrong. Data is only as good as the integrity of the people looking at it. Right now, our party leaders and their associates are failing at giving “we, the people” an honest and objective answer.

I believe that government is the problem, not the solution. The truth is that we have gotten to big for our own britches here in Texas and we are about to rip out our crotch. Perhaps that is the best thing that we can do in order to get the party back under control? Give them a humiliating reality check that not only embarrasses them but humiliates them back into reality. For far too long we Texans have been sold out by our party in favor of national talking points and ideas. We must begin anew and start earning the trust back of the people that we serve—“we the people.”

It has been said that “government is not the solution to the problem,” I believe that. Look what Governor Greg Abbott has done under his leadership with COVID-19. He has cowed down to the belief that businesses are better off shutdown than they are open. He has forced Texans to trust more upon their government than the other way around. Governor Abbott and the Republicans have failed to rely upon the chief cornerstone of Democracy—“We the people” can govern ourselves more appropriately than the government. The truth that we Americans and Texans hold dear is that we do not need a government telling us what to do and how to do it.

Do you know what the worst saying in American politics is?

“We, the Republican party are a party of laws.”

Those nine words are killing Texans and Americans. Because we are a party of laws we have created more laws and become exactly what they founders of the American government and the Republic of Texas fought and died to defend against. We have become the party of “create more laws to make it more difficult to balance the scales of political power.” Well, that only means one thing—the Republican party has failed. We now value the authority to make and enact laws than we do about the people who are forced to live beneath them. In short, we Republicans have become our very own problem.

Instead of waking up each day and asking ourselves what we can do to make our state better we wake up and ask ourselves what we can do to stay in control? Explain to me exactly how that benefits anybody? The truth is that it doesn’t and that we must be held accountable back to the people. We must ask ourselves how we become a party of ideas and solutions and not a party of autocratic force that exists to rub our authority into the faces of the governed. We are failing the very people that have trusted us with their lives. Power has become our only motive.

We have become the people that prior generations warned us about and the people of Texas are starting to see it. We have become the party of “we, the government and we are here to help.”

While we the party are sitting by fighting for national social change right here in Texas and our Governor dreams of being the next FDR in Republicans clothing, our very own citizens are being left to struggle and fend for themselves. The truth is that in places like Corpus Christi unemployment is still high—over 5%. There are no new jobs there for college graduates and little to encourage them to stay behind and create a life and future. Places like Stephenville, Abilene, Big Spring, Marfa and Bay City are seeing little to no growth. More people are leaving than are staying behind to make these communities great. Truth is that more and more money is being spent on urban areas than is being spent to make sure that we have a prosperous, safe and healthy community of Texans out there in the middle! We are spending billions to challenge and fight lawsuits against the federal government. Why? To simply prove a point and reinforce that we were right. The buck of the GOP must stop right here, and we must come up with new ways to ensure that ALL TEXANS are free and secure enough to work towards a better tomorrow, free of government tyranny.

I propose a series of initiatives that bring ideas such as legalized gaming, historical betting, recreational cannabis to the table. I support less frivolous spending to defend national political ideals for the party and putting that money to work right here in Texas and in our communities. I support cutting the massive state budgets by incarcerating only the most violent and dangerous of felons. I encourage small business growth with corporate collaboration. I encourage an economy where every person shares in the wealth of the work that we, the people put into it. I support less government and special interest involvement in our process. I support returning Texas and America back to “we, the people.”  That is why I am asking for your vote in the Republican primary—to return our party and our state back to true American and Texan values.

On October 4, 1989, Secretariat, the brilliant and storied American racing horse that won the United States Triple Crown was put to death after falling ill to laminitis. For those who know of this terrible condition it is a painful and often crippling condition. Despite all the wonder that “Big Red” once knew, despite all the wonder, despite all the greatness—Secretariat was forced to face the end of the run. The painful reality that even greatness must one day end proved true once again. Despite storied wins of the Triple Crown in ’73, and eleven stakes wins the reality was still reality.

When it was all said and done this heroic and proud legendary racehorse sired some 663 named foals. Included in that was some 341 winners, and 54 stakes winners. Secretariat had left a legacy on a proud and historic industry. But, like all good things must—the end must eventually come. Has that day come for our Republican party in Texas?

If we return the party and its policies back to “we the people” and become a party of people and not entirely focused on laws and the creation of more thereof, then we might stand a chance. Or will the Texas GOP simply go down in history as a one-trick pony that failed in order to only prove a point for the national agenda? Wil history say of us that we left Texas better than before? Will our children look back upon these days and be proud of what we have accomplished, or will they say “Damn, grandpa and grandma really just got in the way of progress?” The reality is that we can make Texas a better place and that we can find new ways to generate billions in new revenue without increasing property taxes. The truth is that with a little more effort and a little more idealism we can overcome the ideas that have held this party back and look forward to a bright and secure future—one that says with pride “look what they accomplished together.”

I am Danny Harrison, and I am running as a Republican candidate for the Governor of Texas. Please, consider giving me a chance to prove that what we need is more of “we, the people,” and less “we must create more laws to protect our special interests.”

Vote for me, Danny Harrison.

Have a great week!

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