Texas is a place where we welcome everybody, and we welcome thrift and ingenuity. During this campaign, I have visited places in Texas that live by a certain code of honor and by a means that understands the value of a dollar and not living on borrowed time as if it were some sort of bank loan. I have visited with small business owners like myself, and I have listened to their problems. Most of them start with two words—“the government.” Texas is the world’s nineth largest economy, by GDP. That tells me something—you can depend on the ideas of Texans and the Texas business community.

Texarkana, Glen Rose, Dallas, Jasper—the very sound of these proud Texas cities and communities evokes a feeling of confidence and strength based upon what Texans have built through hard work and self-idealism.

But in many places around our state the voice of reason has been silenced by these two political parties and by the government that answers to the people. Where once there was the great roar of prosperity and growth and optimism, there is now the painful silence of economic stagnation, unemployment, inflation, and despair.

If you are like Texans outside of the big city limits, you and your family know the sound of that silence tonight and you are wondering how you will pick up the pieces and get moving forward once again. Like me, you know that government is not the answer. You know that they are only there for the big cities and that they only come around here when they need a vote or ten.

You experience the current rural situation when you sit around the dinner table when there is a discussion of how to pay for the children’s education.

You experience it in supermarkets when you pick up an item, look at the price, and–placing it back on the shelf because you may not can afford it. You have noticed how the price of almost everything has risen across the board this past year and how the only jobs that can be found are “starter” jobs in industries that offer very little hope for a solid and secure future. Good jobs are not really that available—especially out in the rural areas.

You or a loved one may have personally experienced this economic silence in the place where you once worked when it had to be shut down and never reopened again due to COVID-19 and mandates handed down by Governor Abbott and Texas regulators,

On street corners of our cities, communities and neighborhoods that silence leads to anger and bitterness; on farms it is a puzzled silence, filled with questions of how a once prosperous Texas could have ended up on such a downward slide and you’re wondering why government is wasting taxpayer money at an alarming rate? Across Texas you have come to realize that the government is the problem and that the only solution is for the people of this state to take it back.

Yes, the promise of economic progress for many has been all but silenced by political gamesmanship from both political parties. This election will determine whether the state will ever prosper again and know that they can live free and independent of a government that tells them what they can and how they are allowed to do it.

To the Republican Party and to our Democratic opposition the lust for political power and control means more to them more than your income. It’s more important than the quality of the house that you have. It’s more important than the neighborhood where you and your wife might ultimately retire. For them, the lust and love of power and greed means more than even your own healthcare well-being and safety. Despite what Governor Abbott and failed party leaders on both sides have said and are saying—they have failed Texas and America. It is time that we take American and Texas back and return them to “we the people.”

During COVID-19 many Texans were left out in the cold due to a massive power outage. At the very start of this year’s legislative session Governor Abbott and Texas lawmakers promised to fix the problems and vowed to never leave us vulnerable again to that kind of situation. Well, here we are again on the cusps of another winter and the Texas Legislature and Governor Greg Abbott have only a few personnel changes and some minor policy reforms to show for their “work.” Again, the parties and the government have failed, and Texans remain just as vulnerable as ever.

In the shadow of all this bad news Governor Abbott and party leaders have been telling us to hang in there and they will make things better. Well, I say to them they have had their chances and it is time to “shit or get off the pot.”

Inflation is not easing; it is rapidly rising. The double-digit punishment of bipartisan, autocratic rule is not receding. At this rate it will continue to eat up your incomes, kill those of you who are retired, and destabilize the nineth largest economy in the world.

No matter what you are being told inflation is getting worse. Just go the grocery store, if you don’t believe it—and Washington is not the only place to be pointing the finger.

Right now, as I speak to you, nearly 850,000 Texas men and women are out of work. You or a loved one may be unfortunate enough to be one of them. Their distress is obvious on their faces, their lives may be destroyed, houses may be lost, and families may go unfed.

Republicans and Democrats vowed to fix this problem. Instead, Republicans passed national party social reform legal test cases and Democrats fled to Washington to avoid a good fight. Well, Governor Abbott, The Legislature, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Texas Democrats—if you want a fight here it is—We the people are limiting your power and ready to strip you of your power and take back our government and return it to the people of Texas once and for all. Party affiliation be damned!

What our state needs is rural growth. What the people of Texas want is a strong economy, one that sees them not as interchangeable parts to whom unemployment is a temporary inconvenience but as individual human beings and members of families with feelings, hopes, and dreams. They are tired of hearing about social policy and about all the good and great social and religious reforms you have championed. No, they want to SEE you act and keep Texas leading the nation and the world in positive progress—not be a proving ground for national party line issues.

I don’t think the Texas people want a state government that talks about unemployment as something to be used against them to keep them in submission to your parties. Governor Abbott, my fellow Republicans and Texans, this must stop. The government does not use the suffering of human beings to retain political power and for special interest gain. Your only job is to alleviate that suffering and bring solutions to us, the people who sent you to Austin to do a job.

Now, how will I fix this problem that Texas lawmakers have created? Let me explain my priorities in nine simple steps. And I commit to you right here and right now that if I fail at getting them through during my first term as Governor, I will not seek re-election. That is how committed I am to the people of Texas.

1. We must keep the rate of growth of government spending at reasonable and prudent levels.

2. We must reduce property tax rates and accelerate and simplify depreciation in an orderly, systematic way to provide incentives to work, savings, investment, and productivity.

3. We must review regulations that affect the overall state economy and change or eliminate them to encourage economic growth.

4. We must establish a stable, sound, and predictable interstate trade and global trade policy on our own behalf and not wait for the federal government to act.

5. We must promote the export of Texas commodities and products aboard and allow our Texas Agriculture Commission free reign to take Texas products to the world.

6. We must revitalize Texas ports and shipping.

7. We must adopt an energy policy that will allow our economy to grow, and our standard of living to rise.

8. And we find and attract new revenue sources such as legalized gaming, new resorts, expand tourism and travel opportunities, and legalize marijuana.

9. We must put low-level offenders to work and not incarcerate then into costly prisons and jails.

One of the most critical elements of my economic program is the control of government spending. Billions of dollars of waste, extravagance, fraud, and abuse in state agencies simply are being ignored, for all practical purposes, by the current political parties.

I believe that if we build upon existing policy, control government spending and waste, encourage large corporations to further build and relocate to Texas, if we expand and full legalize gaming and marijuana in Texas and if promote Texas products, commodities and businesses to the world and improve our ports and infrastructure we can not only put those 850,000 Texans back to work into good paying jobs, but lower property taxes for every Texan and secure a bright future for generations ahead. Enough is enough with this failed leadership in Texas.

Vote for me, Danny Harrison for Texas governor.

May God continue to bless you, and our great state of Texas!  

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  1. Employed as reporter/writer for the Sabine County Reporter. Retired law enforcement, veteran.
    Looking forward to hearing you speak in Hemphill Thursday night, even if I do make an effort to avoid politicians. I remain hopeful that we can find one who walks the walk.

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