Every truly great society in the world has survived when they have three things: Secure Borders, A unified language, and a common culture. Throughout civilization wars have been fought and blood has been shed over these three keystone principals. Despite what Democrats and many Republicans are saying America is facing a threat to all these even as we speak. Texas is facing a threat to all of these, and it is not getting any more secure or safer under our current leadership. When asked what it is exactly, I would do as Governor to protect and defend the people of Texas and America, I do have a plan and it is a plan that works.

As Governor of Texas, I will Fully secure the border, protect the wages and jobs of Texans, attract and retain the best and brightest talent from around the world to our state, and prioritize immediate placement of immigrant families, while working to fully preserve our humanitarian values that make us “The Friendship State.”

On day one of my administration, I will begin the process of addressing the crisis at our border that because of bad leadership at the state and federal level, is at a breaking point. Millions of aliens arrived at the border this year alone, and more than thousands more aliens have arrived each of the past two months. The truth is that something must be done and if the federal government will not—I will. One way or another—government be damned.

My actions as Governor will establish a self-sustaining and renewable border security project that will remove federal forces from the situation and the state while utilizing Texas based resources and assets to fully secure the border. My plan will ensure 100 percent inspection of people and good at STATE ports of entry, and will stop drugs, contraband, and counterfeit goods from crossing into the state of Texas. My plan will also, without a doubt ease trade process between Texas and our good neighbor to the South, Mexico. If needed, I will deputize QUAIFIED citizens to assist with non-law enforcement duties by creating local militias in our communities. These militias, as authorized by the United States Constitution will take on the responsibility of simply observing and reporting. They will also be tasked with surveillance of the border area and with providing humanitarian aid to those migrants who are in the worst of conditions. My plan will not only do exactly what they federal government is failing to do, but it will show to the world that Texas can be a responsible leader in a world that seems to lack exactly that. Once again, on the worlds stage Texas will be seen as a leader!

I believe that the federal government has abandoned its responsibilities and as Governor, I will take every necessary action to legally hold President Biden accountable for his direct lack of intervention and his placing Texans lives and security at-risk. President Biden has failed. Our government has failed. Even we, the people have failed for not holding our elected leaders responsible. Well, now is the chance to do exactly that and beat them at their own game and throw the federal government out like the trash that they are.

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