Good evening,

Right now, many of you are sitting down at your table to have dinner with your families. You have worked hard and sacrificed plenty to put this meal on the table for them. You have done your duty to protect and provide for them the best way that you possibly can. I personally salute and applaud the sacrifices that you’re making. In that meal that you are eating tonight your children are learning many lessons: love, sacrifice, hope, patience and caring. They are also learning that charity and kindness never fails—all of these are lessons taught not in our schools and certainly not by government or public officials. These are lessons taught by you—the mothers and fathers of this great state. The caregivers who do their best to provide for their own loved ones. You are the true heroes of this state, and we owe you a debt that we can never repay. Most good and honest lessons are learned right there-at home.

Well, I would guess many of our elected Texas officials and their spin doctors didn’t have that kind of influence as children because they lie and deceive you and I every single day that they exist. Among them is obviously my main opponent, Governor Greg Abbott who has helped the lead the deception of the people of Texas. Alongside him is Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and countless other establishment GOP leaders in Texas who have been using social issues to distract you from the property tax problem that Texas is facing right now. The truth is that while they have spoken about the problem, they have done very little to fix it. Why? Because they have spent so much and allowed government to grow so big that they have no other choice but to continue to allow property taxes to grow further out of control.

Establishment Republican leaders huddled with their strategists and consultants realized this was a problem a few years ago when you began complaining about there being a problem with property taxes. They realized that they had let government get too big, budgets were growing out of control, handouts to special interest groups became the norm, and they had left themselves almost nothing to defend themselves with. While they had spent years doing wonderful things like funding the “rainy day fund” and fixing some infrastructure that was crumbling and out of date. They sent money back to the suburban areas in hopes that they could manipulate them into heading to the poles to vote Republican. They talked a good game—but failed at reducing property taxes in Texas.

Oh sure, they passed some laws—because the establishment Republicans are a “party of laws,” that made some practical sense. But did they really do any good? Of course, not because property tax rates are still on the rise and establishment Republican lawmakers are using issues like transgender equality, far-right abortion legislation, bathroom bills and an entire platform of national party social reform items to distract you from the truth. Establishment Republicans like Governor Abbott and others are bottom feeding, self-serving excuses for leaders. They are so focused on themselves and retaining control that they can’t find it in their heart to do what is right and pass a law that is good for most Texans. No, they have adopted the rule of “divide and conquer.” Now, does that sound very Christian to you? Well, I won’t judge them, but I really doubt that if Jesus were to come today he would recognize many of them.

Many of you have opened your tax bills and seen an increase in your property taxes. This is unacceptable and establishment Republicans must be held accountable for this and they must answer for it.

Only handful of other states pay higher property taxes than Texas. Now, because you live out here in the working world, I don’t have to tell you this—but I will so they can be remind of what they have done.

Texas has an average effective property tax of 1.69%. As of today, the average home value in our state is around $250,000.00 dollars. On average you’ll have paid $4,925.00 of your money in property taxes to the government. Depending on where you live that could higher or lower. Out in San Saba, in Central Texas you would have paid $3,275 in property taxes. San Angelo would have been around $3,600. In Dallas property owners there would have paid $4,825. Corpus Christi would be around $4,675—slightly less than Dallas.

There is an interesting note there. In Corpus Christi the tax base is far lower than in say, Dallas. Incomes are not nearly as high and good quality jobs in Corpus Christi are very hard to find. But, to live in Corpus Christi you will in essence pay the same amount of property taxes as a person in Dallas, if you own a $250,000 home or piece of property. Does this make sense? No, it doesn’t.

You might be asking yourself what I plan on doing about this? Well, that is a logical question and I want to lay it out there for you. People within the establishment will not like to hear this because it goes against everything that they claim to believe—though we all know how that is….

Texas needs to do like our friends in many other states—legalize gaming and legalize the use of marijuana. Now, I know that might scare some of you because you have been fed the lies for many years now. I understand that and I want to explain this very simply to you:

Just like the Left said the amount of people carrying guns in the open would significantly increase and crime would rise once we passed open carry in Texas….it did not. Nothing major has happened and no significant increases in crime or murders has taken place. The streets and cities are still just as dangerous and deadly as they ever were—no more deadly and no safer. The cause and effect were neutral. I promise you that the impacts of gaming and the legalization of marijuana will be the same way.

Just like your grandparents heard when prohibition ended on alcohol the lies will be told and the scare tactics will be pressed from the pulpit to the Senate floor. While current lawmakers have offered no real solutions and their political PACS have used scare tactic after scare tactic to make sure that you continue to believe their lies and stay distracted—they offer zero solutions, and they will continue to offer none until we the people hold them accountable.

Let me be frank with you—establishment political leaders are the most ineffective nad useless creatures that civilization has ever known. They are driven by power, greed, egos and narcissistic manic behavior. They are liars, cheats, and bad actors from every walk of life. They exist not for you and me, but for themselves and their political friends and associates. Well, we must end that and look past the lies, the scare tactics and the deception that both Democrats and establishment Republicans are playing with us—we must move forward in unity and stop this practice of increasing taxes.

When you go to the ballot box, I ask that you send them a message and vote for a common man who really gets it. Vote your conscience and vote for me, Danny Harrison—an everyman, for everyone.

I will talk to you again a little further down the road but until then

God bless you and God Bless Texas!

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