Danny Harrison
For Governor

November 11, 2021
Harrison Speaks To Lively Crowd In East Texas
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Republican candidate Danny Harrison spoke to a lively crowd of Republican supporters in East Texas on Veterans Day.
Harrison spoke to a crowd of supporters in Hemphill, Sabine County on Thursday night in honor of Veterans Day. Harrison delivered his remarks promoting improving the Texas economy—especially in rural areas of the state, building access to rural healthcare and education along with forging forward with his agenda of finding new revenue for the state through the legalization of marijuana—which drew some criticism from a handful of attendees. However, most in the Republican heavy crowd supported Harrison’s idea of using new revenue to aide rural Texans on a wide array of issues.

Harrison spoke for the better part of an hour while engaging with the crowd and taking questions. Harrison has stepped up his campaign through radio and print ad distribution in recent weeks and is also scheduling more tour stops around the state in the coming weeks.

“I believe Governor Abbott is weak,” Harrison told the crowd. “We need a Governor who will stand up for the people of Texas and our future. We need a Governor who will stand up to Washington and to the Federal government.”
Harrison is an anti-establishment Republican who is self funding his campaign for Governor. Harrison has dedicated himself to being independent of corrupt donors and mainstream political operatives. Harrison owns a large landscape company in Dallas and has ran as an Independent in 2018 but failed to get on the ballot.

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