I want to talk straight with you, Texas. I am not going to sit here and take this anymore from these establishment Republicans pretending to outsiders and freethinkers. They are not and it is time that we bring forward some new ideas, bold solutions, and innovative ideas to the table. Point blank–what they are doing is not working.

When I announced I was running for Governor I have to admit I had my doubts about the future of Texas and if the true conservative values could really be saved. I had my doubts if there was any hope for people like you and I or had we just been sold out for national party politics? Well, I have been out campaigning and meeting with Texans the past few weeks at little events across the state and I like what I found and I am sure that you will, too.

I worried that Texas lacked innovation to solve the major problems facing our state. I worried that we had been sold out and sent down the river by Greg Abbott and establishment Republican leadership. I was concerned that there was no real vision for average Texans like you and I. But then I started listening and visiting with many of you. The truth is that if you only preach to the choir then the gospel is all you are going to hear. Well, that is not good enough. Why aren’t our Republican candidates getting out there and talking to men and women working in our hospitals, stopping them in parking lots and asking them what they need? Why aren’t they standing on the street corner like I am visiting with random people who make up this state? Why aren’t they helping along the way? Why aren’t they actually making a move to earn the vote of everyday Texans? Truth is because they don’t care and they never will.

When they speak with only GOP crowds they are listening at only the GOP voter. They are not going for the true independents and even the Democrats who are coming across from the other side. Instead they are calling the RINOs and making fun of them for deciding to cut-bait with the national Democrat party. We pretend to embrace them but then we laugh and make fun of them behind their backs. Typical establishment Republicans–two faced and full of deceit. That is what the power hungry GOP in Texas has become but not what we are.

We are regular people who have principals and we have a firm foundation in what we believe. We are people who have a vision for the future and we a hope that things can and will get better. We are hard working people who are visionaries and live up to the standards set before us from those who came before us. We are people who believe in helping others without enabling the problem. We are a people who believe in balanced budgets, not passing unfunded mandates down to the county level, and leaving the burden on the people of Texas. We are the real people of the Texas GOP.

Can you imagine what we can accomplish if we all come together and stop preaching to the choir and listening at only the gospel of Granite Wingers and the National Party? Can you imagine how much better Texas could be if we thought of new ideas like allowing historical betting in Texas, or allowing our horse racing tracks to open up small casinos on their property? Can you imagine if we opened up destination casinos in places like along Toledo Bend and or in Corpus Christi? Talk about a game changer!

How about doing more to finally getting rid of these ridiculous “Blue Laws” in Texas? There is an idea. Let grocery stores sell liquor for a change. There is another idea. A winery cannot legally list on its web page the stores that sell its wine. In most other states, you can get liquor at Walmart and Costco. Forget that here in Texas. You can thank the very powerful lobbyists from homegrown liquor store interests. Texas is the only state in the nation that bars publicly traded corporations from holding liquor permits. You can thank the powerful liquor store lobby for that one, too. Republicans take plenty of money from them and make sure that these stupid laws stay in place to benefit them and them alone. Give me a break. It is time to call a spade a spade and get to work with actual solutions that benefit all Texans and not just a few. Stop catering to the cry babies and actually make a move to improve our damn lot. I am sick of it and I know that you are too. Time has come for a change.

I am asking for your vote in the Texas Primary to defeat the establishment party politics. The time has come to beat them at their own game. We need a politician for the people and not of the lobbyist. It is time to get to work and put Texans to work. It is time to lower our taxes and get in front of the powerful lobby. I vow to you to never take a dime of their money and to never become beholden to their special interest, so help me God.

It is time for a change!


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