Down here in the community of Lamar, Texas near Rockport there is a place called “The Big Tree.” Now, I am a landscaper and let me tell ya, anything that has lived over 1,000 years has seen its fair share of tough times. Needless to say this old tree might in fact be old, but it is damned sure strong. It also has practical experience to help younger trees around it bend and survive the same storms that it did in its younger days. This “Big Tree” is a symbol of Texas and what I plan to bring to the table as Governor.

Now, I may not be a thousand years old but I can tell you that as a small business owner and somebody that has worked his entire life in the private sector and have owned a SMALL BUSINESS, I have something that none of the other candidate have in common with you–I am one of you, and just like this big Live Oak I will be right there with you as a governor who is FOR you, not OF you.

For too long Republicans have acted in their own interests and not in the interest of this state. Democrats have done the same thing. Fact is, while the Democrats are sketchy, Republicans have been equally as questionable and the current Republican party here in Texas has left our state completely vulnerable to out-of-state candidates and influences. Unlike this “Big Tree” down here in Lamar, Texas–the other candidates for Texas Governor are not firm, flexible or frankly, even capable of standing strong and firm for Texas and our small businesses and the hardworking men and women of this state. It is all about them, their egos and their friendships with lobbyists. Frankly, the Republican party has abandoned you, me and the people of Texas. They don’t really represent all that is strong, faithful and good about this state. They aren’t like this “Big Tree.”

I’m Danny Harrison and I am running for Governor. I am asking you to stand firm with hardworking, middle class men and women. I am asking you to stand with our small businesses. I am asking you to stand with the people that the both Democrats and Republicans have lost their trust. I am asking you to stand with me….and this Big Tree.

Firm. Strong. Proud.

I will work to make sure that Texas finally gets a Republican that they can trust.

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