Texas Republican Candidates 2022

The news is everywhere that extremist views are taking over the Republican party in Texas. The truth of the matter is that we are becoming as deeply divided as the Democrats and it is going to eventually kill us. This dog and pony show that the establishment and their alternative egos are running is simply just more of doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. We all know what that is the definition of.

This week we all got up there and talked about how President Reagan was this keystone leader in our party and how we love and admire him for all that he stood for. The truth is that Ronald Reagan could not even get a place on a debate stage in today’s Republican party. They would not give him the time of day nor would they hear him out on issues that he felt were important. Why? Because we as a party are focused on retaining power instead of offering good governance for the people.

Let’s face it–the party has become a bunch of egomaniacs that is driven by the desire to retain power than they are about ending bad government. The time has come that we silence their voices once and for all.

Property Taxes

Texans are facing an economic hardship that is no different than the rest of the nation. But one thing that makes us different is that we are paying our state government more money than 43 other states. I am talking about property taxes here. The only states that are worse than Texas when it comes to property taxes are New Jersey, Illinois, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, and Wisconsin. That is not good company to be in considering that those, with the exception of Vermont and New Hampshire, are controlled by Democrats. Texas, what does that tell you?

It tells me that when it comes to collecting money our Republicans are just as bad, if not worse than Liberal New England Democrats. Is that your vision of Texas? It damn sure isn’t mine. What this tells me is that we have a government of tax and spend here in Texas. It tells me that we have a government that is out of control and needs to be placed in check. It tells me that we need to punch the party in the throat and knock their wind out of them before they can cause much more damage. The time has come to balance the power and place the authority of government back into the hands of those it serves–the people. the truth is that on this issue our Republicans are as bad–if not worse than Democrats. Let that sink for just a minute.

New Revenue

How do we become the first state in the union to fully eliminate property taxes? It is easy–we find new revenue. You hear me talk about the legalization of marijuana and expanding gaming and tourism in Texas. While it isn’t a panacea for everything, it is a step in the right direction. Each year Texas loses billions of dollars to other states including Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico in the form of gaming and tourism. We send hotel/motel tax dollars across state lines, we send ticket and event sales tax revenue elsewhere, we giveaway food and beverage taxes right and left–the truth is that we are coming up on the short end of the stick by not allowing the expansion of gaming and related tourism in Texas. Texas property owners are paying for the dirty politics that is preventing you and I from voting on it.

During this last legislative session lawmakers took hundreds of thousands of dollars from gaming advocates hoping to have their chance at giving you a say so in the matter. Why didn’t a bill authorizing a public vote on it make it to the ballot? Because of spineless leadership and dirty backroom politics. Every single one of those lawmakers who took money from gaming advocates ought to be charged with theft and forced to leave office because they, in all of their pious “integrity” did nothing more than steal money without any intent on delivering the goods. They are gutless and spineless wonders that you and I send to the legislature to represent us. It is time for a change.

We need a forward thinking path to legalizing marijuana in Texas and create a pathway to tax it. I will talk about that more later. For now I want to discuss how you and I could benefit from marijuana and the tax dollars that come from it. Today, Texas spends millions of dollars prosecuting marijuana cases even though it is supposedly “decriminalized” in small amounts. Let me tell you–get pulled over in small town Texas and see if a roach doesn’t get you searched, ticketed, or maybe even sent to jail and prosecuted. The struggle and lies are real. The truth is this–if we tap into our agriculture system and we tap into our resources we could make marijuana a profitable source of income and OUR VETERANS WOULD NOT HAVE TO FEEL LIKE CRIMINALS FOR USING IT. We need some serious voices to bring this to the table and stop fearing the far-Right. We need some serious leadership who will prioritize giving Texans a choice in how they live their lives.

We need to expand out film and movie industry here in Texas. While other states focus heavily on tax breaks for production companies we need to do the same. We have a ton of open land and talented people who could seriously benefit from these kinds of jobs, but they are not able to do it because many production companies will not come to Texas. Well, let me say this, if we encourage them to film and create content here in Texas then we benefit from additional hotel and motel tax revenue, we benefit from food sales and catering, we benefit from new jobs, we generate massive sales tax revenue, and we pave a way for Texans to eliminate property taxes.

Light It Up

There is a big misunderstanding about Colorado and marijuana. You have been led to believe that marijuana is just readily available in gas stations and what not–well, not exactly. In Colorado you go to dispensary and you buy your pot there. In theory, you take it home and smoke it while minding your own business. The reality is that what we have been told and what we have been told are ver different things. The problem is that Texas lawmakers are gutless pansies who are scared of the federal government and are waiting on them to make the first move so they don’t have to take the heat for it. Well, put or shut-up, wimps.

The truth is that we legalize marijuana and treat it just like we do booze in Texas. Look how much money that makes us and look at how a few people control that industry. Nevertheless, people still drink and they still buy it like crazy. Well, guess what? It is still heavily taxed, too. Reality is that Texas lawmakers are screwballs without any guts and the time has come that we elect a Republican with some sense. One who isn’t scared to actually govern for the people. One who isn’t a waste of time, money, and resources.

Why Vote For An Independent Republican?

Because as an Independent thinking Republican I am not beholden to the party or to alternative special interest like the rest of these guys. No, far from it. I have self-funded my grassroots campaign without the help of special interest and without the help of their alternative base which is about as extreme as extreme can get. The truth is that we need an independent thinking leader who isn’t scared to work with Democrats and who isn’t afraid of the standing up to the special interest insurance lobby and the anti-everything far-Right wing “Dictator Republicans.” The time has come to defeat their control over us like the Satans they are. It is time to call a spade a spade and return the power back to the people. That is why you should vote for an Independent Republican to be the next governor of Texas.

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