I wanted to talk to you a little bit about exactly what I mean when I say it is time for a change here in Texas. Really, it is time for a change in America and while that change does mean finding a new direction, it doesn’t mean giving up on valued principals that we share–the common thread, if you will. Change, while it isn’t always easy is part of how we move forward as a people and as a party. For far too long we have not done near enough to bridge the gap to make things right here in the world that we live in.

So many of us loved and respected the great musician Johnny Cash, who was born and raised next door over in Arkansas. We also felt a love and admiration for our very own Waylon Jennings who came from up in Littlefield, near Lubbock. As I think about this “change” that I keep talking about I think of people like Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. They were men of strong conviction, harsh opinion, and were yet vocal about opposing things that they viewed as being incorrect with society. Instead of being things that we ridiculed them for and beat them down for we embraced them despite their views and in their own ways were able to spark a little bit of social change in the world that we live in today. Because of them and their points of view many in our society have voices that for so long went silenced. My friends, in this modern Texas we need a little bit more of that rebellion and vigor to make sure that we don’t sacrifice the rights and futures of people for political ambition.

Moving To Make Things Right

I am going to ask you the most asked political question of all-time: “Are you any better off today under the current leadership then you were in 2018?”

The truth is that if we are honest we would answer with a very large “NO.” Greg Abbott has not made any real significant property tax relief in our state. Small businesses have been murdered at his hand in favor of large corporations. Children in our state are still struggling for educational advancement–especially in our inner-city and far rural communities. Texas citizens have more criminal violations and laws on the books than we had before. Prison budgets are increasing in order to house more low-level offenders. There has been zero effort to find new revenue outside of big tech and mega corporations. Rural hospitals are still suffering, and rural Texans are dying at an alarming rate because they cannot access proper after care or even vital critical emergency care services. We have fewer ambulances serving rural areas, a major deficit for medical helicopters to transport patients from far rural areas to major healthcare centers, and wait times to see a mental health professional have only increased. I could go on and on about all of the problems that we are facing here in Texas and as I do the resounding answer to the above question is “absolutely not.” Texas, it is time that we make a move to make some things right in our state.

The Meaning Of Change To Me

I am a Republican and I hold many of our very basic ideals near and dear to my heart. Things like protecting our border, maintaining religious freedoms for all, protecting the second amendment, and ensuring that we are the party of good governance. But we need a philosophical change of heart that thinks beyond “the way things were.” We need a movement that embraces the rights of people, their civil liberties, their unique circumstances, and their personal choice to live their lives according to their own conscience. We need to embrace the idea that all people were created equal under God. We need for that to be more than just lip service to get votes from our electorate base. We need to battle back against “Grandpa’s Government” and recognize that they did somethings wrong and that they may have even passed their ideals down to us. We need to think boldly and widely. We need to make sure that we are doing more to protect our most vulnerable citizens and those among us who cannot do for themselves.

We must understand that while all people were created equal, not all people were created with the same ability. Some among us have physical disabilities that might can be overcome. Others among us suffer from intellectual disabilities that may have gone undiagnosed in our inner-city or far rural educational systems. Worse yet, perhaps those diagnosed intellectual and mental diagnosis were ignored by parents and caregivers who denied the reality and severity of the situation because they themselves were trained to believe that ADHD was a “crutch” or that dyslexia was a “bad thing” and their kid just could not be born with it. The reality is that children with disabilities grow up to be adults with disabilities–oftentimes they become a financial responsibility to the state if their cases were not properly managed from the onset.

How many of you have lost a child to depression or other mental illness? Perhaps you have waited and waited for weeks or even months to see a mental healthcare provider. Perhaps there were no mental health beds available nearby so the police took them to the local jail, stripped them of their clothes and locked them away in a padded room, naked, afraid and sick until something came up for them–or they became so broken that they convinced a “mental health deputy” that they were ok and should be released. How many of them took their own lives because there were too few resources for them to draw off of? Could you imagine living with that burden? If you think we don’t need a change in course then you have another thing coming. The time to revolt against the lack of response to serious matters from our state’s government has come. The time to stand up high and proud for those among us who are sick, old, poor, or disabled has come. The time for our state to take ownership of our problems is upon us and YOU can make that change on March 1, 2022.

Be The Difference And Decide To Fight

You say that we can’t afford to fund all of these programs and cut property taxes at the same time. I say we can. By giving the people of Texas the choice to decide on the legalization of marijuana and casino gaming we could ostensibly add billions of dollars to the state’s bottom line. We could create new industry, new jobs, new growth, and new potential for Texans across all walks of life. We could help our veterans access things like marijuana and psychedelic drugs without making them feel like criminals, we can keep a child from taking their own life, we can improve conditions in our foster care system and we can lower the number of Texans who are dying each and every day due to a lack of services. Has Greg Abbott helped you? Has Greg Abbott helped them? The truth is that every BS measure that he and the current establishment has taken has been nothing but pandering to the base to make them feel good without delivering results.

I am asking you to be the difference and to decide to stand and fight. The time to expose them and expel them and their old ways has come. Texas needs a change and I will be that change in 2022. I am asking for your vote on March 1, 2022. Take the pledge to vote for me, Danny Harrison–an Independent Republican for Governor of Texas.

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