The State Is Manipulating Our Family Court System and Texas Parents Are Losing

Divorce–it is just something that happens, and when it does we would hope that works out fair and equitable in the best interest of the children. Guess what–it doesn’t.

All too often the system works in favor of the state. You heard me right. It works in favor of the state and not the families involved. Because the state of Texas wants to secure as much of the federal pie as they can from the Social Security 42 U.S.C. 622. We have a real problem here and it starts with our family court system and our state.

I have been talking to parents around the state about this very issue and we have to address it. Why is it when mom and dad make a mutual agreement and present it to the courts the Attorney General can, and often does object to the agreement? Because the state demands access to the federal money to support themselves. Here is the cold hard truth: As proven time and time again Texas does not care about our children–all we care about is money. That has to stop!

There is no remedy under the law for these very broad decisions made by the family courts in Texas. Legislation was almost passed this session to make it more fair and equitable. But it didn’t make it. We have to have more support from lawmakers and state leaders on this issue. Let me quote you directly from the state code:

“The presiding judges and the Title IV-D agency shall act and are authorized to take any action necessary to maximize the amount of federal funds available under the Title IV-D program,” Texas Family Code, section 201.107 (c).

Does this sound like it is in the best interest of children to you? It doesn’t sound like it to me either.

Title IV D gives the state a lot of money. Child support enforcement is what funds the AG’s Office in Texas. This gives the AG’s office and its officers incentives to keep the rates high and keep the money flowing through their system. THIS MUST BE REFORMED.

As Governor I will fight for the rights of parents on EVERY issue…including this one! And trust me, it is a big one. We must hold our AG office accountable and we must hold our courts accountable!

Send them a message now! Stand with me as I fight for Texas parental rights!

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Why Not Consider Us A Legitimate Candidacy? Because If They Do They Prove Us Right.

This campaign has spent a lot of time trying to reach out it to Republican groups across the state asking to come and speak with them. Many of the have agreed and have been very gracious to allow us the chance to come and speak. On the flip side there have been many, many more who have told us to “get lost,” even though they are inviting other candidates to speak and participate in events. The reason they are not allowing us to come and speak to them is because they see us as a danger.

You and I are a danger to their existence and to their longstanding agenda. If they allow us to speak they are actually allowing the democratic process to play out. That is obviously something that the establishment really wants to happen. Hell, they want to keep it all tied close to the hip so they can control the party narrative. That is bullshit. Pure dee old bullshit.

You and I deserve better than this. You and I deserve better representation that the same old party line that we have been getting since back in 1994. The time has come for a change in direction. Let me explain it very clearly—they are holding up true progress in the Republican Party.

There, I said it. While many Republicans are willing to take a stand and fight and allow the democratic process to play out—many are not. They judge your true candidacy by the size of your bank account or how many social media followers you have. We cannot allow for this to stand and we must fight for our voices to be heard at the ballot box. Many of our fellow Republicans are in fact simply obstructionists. How does that sit with you?

It shouldn’t sit very well because it is the truth. It is funny that we are all for things until we are against it. You can sit there and talk about how you don’t have time to have every candidate and yada yada yada. But really the problem is that you don’t want to spend time LISTENING to different ideas—especially ones that might challenge you.

I encourage our party chairs across the state of Texas to do the right thing and standup for the democratic process that Americans have been fighting and dying for since our inception. Allow for all candidates to have equal and fair time to pitch their case and cause. Stand beside the pillars of freedom and not against them.

The time has come that we address these failed ideas of eating our own young. The time has come to stand against party norms before the Democrats come and rip our hard work apart. The old idea of “change or die” is louder than ever. If we do not change our ways then we will surely die. Is that what any of us Republican voters want? I don’t think so.

Texans Are Dying And The Establishment Doesn’t Give A Damn

People in rural Texas are dying and where has our state leadership been on this issue? Like always they have been silent.

When seconds matter it can be more than an hour from the time some rural Texans call for help to the time that they get to an emergency room. To make matters worse, when they get to a rural hospital the help that they get is often just not enough. Truth is that is no fault of the doctors and nurses.

Reality is that once you finally get to your rural Texas hospital you will be simply stabilized and then transported to a bigger facility—if the facility even has the resources to stabilize you. The cold hard truth here is that some of our fellow Texans are dying due to a lack of healthcare access! This has got to be stopped and we can do it at the ballot box!

Will You Contribute $20 To Help Me Take On The Establishment?

What has our establishment leaders done to improve EMS response times in rural Texas? What have they done to help our rural hospitals recruit and retain qualified specialists? What have they done to encourage large hospital systems to place larger, more capable facilities into the reach of millions of Texans. Not a damn thing because they were too damn busy catering to their suburban base voters about bullshit scare tactic agenda items. They were not worrying about you and your family.

Listen to me: There is money out there to fund air ambulance services. There are ways to create public/private partnerships for emergency medical care. They is a better way forward and I believe that we can get there.

You have heard me talk plenty about the billions of new dollars that the state could bring in by attracting entertainment and gaming venues to the state. That is billions…listen to me closely…billions of dollars that could be used to save the lives of Texans who live far outside of the suburban areas.

Contribute $20 To Help Us Beat The Machine Driven Politics In Texas

Governor Abbott, establishment Republicans nor Democrats give a rat’s ass about tackling a problem like this because they believe that their primary voting groups live in suburban areas. They might be right. But damnit to Hell rural Texans have a right to be heard and represented, too.

But you wouldn’t know about this issue if you are trying to put out fires in your administration or trying to build your social media brand or trying to figure out a way to revive your political career. Hell no! You don’t know about this because you are not out there living the same life that millions of Texans are living. You are stuck living your privileged taxpayer funded or Columbia education pipe dreams. It is time that we put a focus on where it needs to be—right here at home!

Casino and Resort Gaming: Stop Legislating Morality

We all know that Texas has the toughest and most difficult gambling laws in the country, but could the state benefit from changing its outlook? Let’s face it, just simply playing an organized hand of Texas Hold ‘Em could get you slapped with a misdemeanor and earn hundreds of dollars in fines. Is that really necessary? The state offers few exceptions to these laws with the exception of things like some dog and horse racing. Historical betting is also considered illegal in Texas. 

Roulette, slot casino wagering and sports betting are very strictly prohibited in Texas. The truth is that Texas has got to come around and grow the Hell up! 

The Republican Party has got to stop with this same old “Granny Panty” approach with things. The tide has been turning slowly and new legislation was recently proposed to make some impressive changes to the voting laws here in Texas. But like always, it didn’t really go anywhere. 

The Republican Party establishment has been fear mongering Texans for years by saying things like grandma is going to go and spend her whole retirement check on immoral gaming. Well guess what, that same grandma is likely going to go down to the game room or the bingo parlor or liquor store and do the same damn thing. Again, it is more of the establishment trying to regulate morality. We can’t do that and it needs to stop. 

First off, have you actually been to Vegas or any place that has casinos? Most of us have. Casino resorts are economic drivers in many rural places. They bring in entertainment, hotel and motel taxes, food and beverage taxes, and the owners spend a ton of money supporting the local communities. 

“Oh but, Danny! Just think about all of that sin it attracts!” 

Who cares? This is not some Religious ruled nation that forces everyone to live under a religious book. That is the same tyrannical ideology that we fought in the War on Terror. Government is not in the business of legislating morality. That is no way to govern. 

I must admit that I myself am not really a gambler. I don’t know much about table games, etiquette, and all of the rules. But I do enjoy the shows, the lights and the entertainment that comes along with casinos and resorts. This is just more of this establishment party line bullshit that needs to be stopped. We are not in the business of controlling religious morality. I hate to break it to you but Jesus died so we could all make our own choices. Simple as that. So take the religious pious complaints someplace else. 

This is America and we all have a right to decide for ourselves how we live our lives. I think that gaming, casinos and the associated resorts are good things and we need to let the people of Texas decide what they want. I promise you that they will leave the old Republican guard in the dust—by the way, isn’t that what Saddam’s inner military was called? The Republican Guard? Sounds right to me. 

Let’s look at the benefits and less at the moral compass. You’ll her me talk about that plenty during this campaign.

They Aren’t Taking You and I Seriously?

I am more than just a little bit pissed. Republican hardliners are trying to protect themselves by not taking our campaign seriously. They are ignoring us and they are sending the message that unless you are well funded, bought off and in the pocket of somebody then you can’t be legitimate. I call bullshit. That is what’s wrong with our party!

I have been blessed to be able to travel around the state to speak with some groups. Last week I was over in the Texarkana area talking with folks out there who really seemed to support our anti establishment message. Same thing down in Deep East Texas. In a few weeks I will be going down to the Austin area and touring through South Texas. I have been to places like Pleasanton, Texas where they have openly supported the message about an anti-establishment, outsider candidate on the Republican ticket. But guess what—the party leadership isn’t taking us seriously.

Is it because we don’t look like them? Maybe we dion’t think EXACTLY like them on every issue? Maybe it is because you and I are not wearing plaid shirts and khakis. Maybe it is because we aren’t kissing ass to the party line. Maybe it is because you and I, working class, everyday Republicans are not the idea of they have in mind when they think of leaders? Whatever it is they are proving the Democrats right and that is killing our party and our state.

I was turned down for an even out in Wise County because the PACs didn’t think we were serious. Did you catch that? The PACs didn’t think we were serious. Can it get anymore plain than that right there! When in the living Hell did PACs have rule over ”We, the people ” in this country. Sure, PACs are made up of people, but they are like minded people who exist to protect their own special interest. There’s your trouble.

You and I have got to stand and kick against the pricks of this establishment machine. We have got to do something to take Texas back from the fringes and the edge of disaster. Two things you can do to help:

You can tell people about our campaign 

You can request that we speak in your area

I am happy to come and speak with any group that wants to hear us out—even if they oppose us. If they don’t take us seriously then we will take them seriously and beat them in the Primary!

Tell your friends about our movement to eliminate the establishment politics in Texas and return the state to the Lord and the Working Man!

God Bless Y’all and May God Bless This State!

Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

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To help you get started, here are a few questions:

  • Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?
  • What topics do you think you’ll write about?
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