Media Advisory: Harrison to formally announce candidacy for Texas GOP Primary

Daniel “Danny” Harrison is one of several candidates challenging incumbent Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott in the 2022 Texas Republican Primary. Harrison is in the field with several other candidates including former Florida Congressman Allen West and former Texas State Senator Don Huffines. Harrison is part owner and Operations Manager of his company, Harrison Landscape and Design in Plano, Texas. (Photo Credit: Matt Pierce)

For Immediate Release   November 23, 2022 11:00 a.m.

Dallas Businessman will officially enter GOP Primary

Austin, Texas— November 23, 2022 11:00 a.m.On Tuesday, Dallas area businessman Danny Harrison will formally declare his candidacy to challenge Governor Greg Abbott and other candidates in the GOP primary election. The event will be held at 11:00 a.m. at the Texas Republican Party Headquarters, located at 807 Brazos St., Suite 701, Austin, TX 78701.

“I believe that we have to restore integrity, vision, and trust to the Republican party,” said Harrison. “Under Governor Abbott thousands of Texans lost their businesses, hardworking Texans lost their paychecks, and even today families are still struggling to make ends meet because of national inflation. There is more that could be done and as the only candidate who is not a career politician, I believe that I can restore that trust and that vision without selling the people of Texas out.”

Harrison has been touring the state visiting with Texans promoting his agenda of lowering property taxes and creating new jobs by expanding horse racing and gambling in Texas, building more resorts while protecting property owner rights, and legalizing and controlling marijuana.

Harrison will be available immediately after official filing for media questions and availability at the GOP Headquarters or via phone to members of the media around the state.

For more information, press only:

Matt Pierce, Campaign Manger/Communications Director


Just Like The Big Tree

Down here in the community of Lamar, Texas near Rockport there is a place called “The Big Tree.” Now, I am a landscaper and let me tell ya, anything that has lived over 1,000 years has seen its fair share of tough times. Needless to say this old tree might in fact be old, but it is damned sure strong. It also has practical experience to help younger trees around it bend and survive the same storms that it did in its younger days. This “Big Tree” is a symbol of Texas and what I plan to bring to the table as Governor.

Now, I may not be a thousand years old but I can tell you that as a small business owner and somebody that has worked his entire life in the private sector and have owned a SMALL BUSINESS, I have something that none of the other candidate have in common with you–I am one of you, and just like this big Live Oak I will be right there with you as a governor who is FOR you, not OF you.

For too long Republicans have acted in their own interests and not in the interest of this state. Democrats have done the same thing. Fact is, while the Democrats are sketchy, Republicans have been equally as questionable and the current Republican party here in Texas has left our state completely vulnerable to out-of-state candidates and influences. Unlike this “Big Tree” down here in Lamar, Texas–the other candidates for Texas Governor are not firm, flexible or frankly, even capable of standing strong and firm for Texas and our small businesses and the hardworking men and women of this state. It is all about them, their egos and their friendships with lobbyists. Frankly, the Republican party has abandoned you, me and the people of Texas. They don’t really represent all that is strong, faithful and good about this state. They aren’t like this “Big Tree.”

I’m Danny Harrison and I am running for Governor. I am asking you to stand firm with hardworking, middle class men and women. I am asking you to stand with our small businesses. I am asking you to stand with the people that the both Democrats and Republicans have lost their trust. I am asking you to stand with me….and this Big Tree.

Firm. Strong. Proud.

I will work to make sure that Texas finally gets a Republican that they can trust.

I Am Done Depending On them For The Answer

I want to talk straight with you, Texas. I am not going to sit here and take this anymore from these establishment Republicans pretending to outsiders and freethinkers. They are not and it is time that we bring forward some new ideas, bold solutions, and innovative ideas to the table. Point blank–what they are doing is not working.

When I announced I was running for Governor I have to admit I had my doubts about the future of Texas and if the true conservative values could really be saved. I had my doubts if there was any hope for people like you and I or had we just been sold out for national party politics? Well, I have been out campaigning and meeting with Texans the past few weeks at little events across the state and I like what I found and I am sure that you will, too.

I worried that Texas lacked innovation to solve the major problems facing our state. I worried that we had been sold out and sent down the river by Greg Abbott and establishment Republican leadership. I was concerned that there was no real vision for average Texans like you and I. But then I started listening and visiting with many of you. The truth is that if you only preach to the choir then the gospel is all you are going to hear. Well, that is not good enough. Why aren’t our Republican candidates getting out there and talking to men and women working in our hospitals, stopping them in parking lots and asking them what they need? Why aren’t they standing on the street corner like I am visiting with random people who make up this state? Why aren’t they helping along the way? Why aren’t they actually making a move to earn the vote of everyday Texans? Truth is because they don’t care and they never will.

When they speak with only GOP crowds they are listening at only the GOP voter. They are not going for the true independents and even the Democrats who are coming across from the other side. Instead they are calling the RINOs and making fun of them for deciding to cut-bait with the national Democrat party. We pretend to embrace them but then we laugh and make fun of them behind their backs. Typical establishment Republicans–two faced and full of deceit. That is what the power hungry GOP in Texas has become but not what we are.

We are regular people who have principals and we have a firm foundation in what we believe. We are people who have a vision for the future and we a hope that things can and will get better. We are hard working people who are visionaries and live up to the standards set before us from those who came before us. We are people who believe in helping others without enabling the problem. We are a people who believe in balanced budgets, not passing unfunded mandates down to the county level, and leaving the burden on the people of Texas. We are the real people of the Texas GOP.

Can you imagine what we can accomplish if we all come together and stop preaching to the choir and listening at only the gospel of Granite Wingers and the National Party? Can you imagine how much better Texas could be if we thought of new ideas like allowing historical betting in Texas, or allowing our horse racing tracks to open up small casinos on their property? Can you imagine if we opened up destination casinos in places like along Toledo Bend and or in Corpus Christi? Talk about a game changer!

How about doing more to finally getting rid of these ridiculous “Blue Laws” in Texas? There is an idea. Let grocery stores sell liquor for a change. There is another idea. A winery cannot legally list on its web page the stores that sell its wine. In most other states, you can get liquor at Walmart and Costco. Forget that here in Texas. You can thank the very powerful lobbyists from homegrown liquor store interests. Texas is the only state in the nation that bars publicly traded corporations from holding liquor permits. You can thank the powerful liquor store lobby for that one, too. Republicans take plenty of money from them and make sure that these stupid laws stay in place to benefit them and them alone. Give me a break. It is time to call a spade a spade and get to work with actual solutions that benefit all Texans and not just a few. Stop catering to the cry babies and actually make a move to improve our damn lot. I am sick of it and I know that you are too. Time has come for a change.

I am asking for your vote in the Texas Primary to defeat the establishment party politics. The time has come to beat them at their own game. We need a politician for the people and not of the lobbyist. It is time to get to work and put Texans to work. It is time to lower our taxes and get in front of the powerful lobby. I vow to you to never take a dime of their money and to never become beholden to their special interest, so help me God.

It is time for a change!


Press Release: Harrison speaks to lively crowd in Hemphill on Veterans Day

Danny Harrison
For Governor

November 11, 2021
Harrison Speaks To Lively Crowd In East Texas
PHONE: 361-696-5762

Republican candidate Danny Harrison spoke to a lively crowd of Republican supporters in East Texas on Veterans Day.
Harrison spoke to a crowd of supporters in Hemphill, Sabine County on Thursday night in honor of Veterans Day. Harrison delivered his remarks promoting improving the Texas economy—especially in rural areas of the state, building access to rural healthcare and education along with forging forward with his agenda of finding new revenue for the state through the legalization of marijuana—which drew some criticism from a handful of attendees. However, most in the Republican heavy crowd supported Harrison’s idea of using new revenue to aide rural Texans on a wide array of issues.

Harrison spoke for the better part of an hour while engaging with the crowd and taking questions. Harrison has stepped up his campaign through radio and print ad distribution in recent weeks and is also scheduling more tour stops around the state in the coming weeks.

“I believe Governor Abbott is weak,” Harrison told the crowd. “We need a Governor who will stand up for the people of Texas and our future. We need a Governor who will stand up to Washington and to the Federal government.”
Harrison is an anti-establishment Republican who is self funding his campaign for Governor. Harrison has dedicated himself to being independent of corrupt donors and mainstream political operatives. Harrison owns a large landscape company in Dallas and has ran as an Independent in 2018 but failed to get on the ballot.

Education Is Important To Me

Education in Texas is important to me. If given the opportunity to be governor of the great state of Texas we will push aggressively in introducing and showing students the importance of learning trades in Texas. We will focus on trades like plumbers, electricians, carpenters, welders, HVAC, and car mechanics. The opportunities in these professions in our great state are unlimited and in very short supply. In Texas I support public schools charter schools, homeschooling, magnet schools– no one-size-fits-all. Any introduction of critical race teaching will be shut down immediately. In Texas, our students will learn about the history of our state and our country (The good and the bad) and at the end of the day I want our students to be proud Texans and proud Americans and show respect for flag and our country! Let’s make that happen… Vote for me, Danny Harrison for Governor of Texas!

Property Taxes Are Out Of Control And Leaders Have Done Little About It

Good evening,

Right now, many of you are sitting down at your table to have dinner with your families. You have worked hard and sacrificed plenty to put this meal on the table for them. You have done your duty to protect and provide for them the best way that you possibly can. I personally salute and applaud the sacrifices that you’re making. In that meal that you are eating tonight your children are learning many lessons: love, sacrifice, hope, patience and caring. They are also learning that charity and kindness never fails—all of these are lessons taught not in our schools and certainly not by government or public officials. These are lessons taught by you—the mothers and fathers of this great state. The caregivers who do their best to provide for their own loved ones. You are the true heroes of this state, and we owe you a debt that we can never repay. Most good and honest lessons are learned right there-at home.

Well, I would guess many of our elected Texas officials and their spin doctors didn’t have that kind of influence as children because they lie and deceive you and I every single day that they exist. Among them is obviously my main opponent, Governor Greg Abbott who has helped the lead the deception of the people of Texas. Alongside him is Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and countless other establishment GOP leaders in Texas who have been using social issues to distract you from the property tax problem that Texas is facing right now. The truth is that while they have spoken about the problem, they have done very little to fix it. Why? Because they have spent so much and allowed government to grow so big that they have no other choice but to continue to allow property taxes to grow further out of control.

Establishment Republican leaders huddled with their strategists and consultants realized this was a problem a few years ago when you began complaining about there being a problem with property taxes. They realized that they had let government get too big, budgets were growing out of control, handouts to special interest groups became the norm, and they had left themselves almost nothing to defend themselves with. While they had spent years doing wonderful things like funding the “rainy day fund” and fixing some infrastructure that was crumbling and out of date. They sent money back to the suburban areas in hopes that they could manipulate them into heading to the poles to vote Republican. They talked a good game—but failed at reducing property taxes in Texas.

Oh sure, they passed some laws—because the establishment Republicans are a “party of laws,” that made some practical sense. But did they really do any good? Of course, not because property tax rates are still on the rise and establishment Republican lawmakers are using issues like transgender equality, far-right abortion legislation, bathroom bills and an entire platform of national party social reform items to distract you from the truth. Establishment Republicans like Governor Abbott and others are bottom feeding, self-serving excuses for leaders. They are so focused on themselves and retaining control that they can’t find it in their heart to do what is right and pass a law that is good for most Texans. No, they have adopted the rule of “divide and conquer.” Now, does that sound very Christian to you? Well, I won’t judge them, but I really doubt that if Jesus were to come today he would recognize many of them.

Many of you have opened your tax bills and seen an increase in your property taxes. This is unacceptable and establishment Republicans must be held accountable for this and they must answer for it.

Only handful of other states pay higher property taxes than Texas. Now, because you live out here in the working world, I don’t have to tell you this—but I will so they can be remind of what they have done.

Texas has an average effective property tax of 1.69%. As of today, the average home value in our state is around $250,000.00 dollars. On average you’ll have paid $4,925.00 of your money in property taxes to the government. Depending on where you live that could higher or lower. Out in San Saba, in Central Texas you would have paid $3,275 in property taxes. San Angelo would have been around $3,600. In Dallas property owners there would have paid $4,825. Corpus Christi would be around $4,675—slightly less than Dallas.

There is an interesting note there. In Corpus Christi the tax base is far lower than in say, Dallas. Incomes are not nearly as high and good quality jobs in Corpus Christi are very hard to find. But, to live in Corpus Christi you will in essence pay the same amount of property taxes as a person in Dallas, if you own a $250,000 home or piece of property. Does this make sense? No, it doesn’t.

You might be asking yourself what I plan on doing about this? Well, that is a logical question and I want to lay it out there for you. People within the establishment will not like to hear this because it goes against everything that they claim to believe—though we all know how that is….

Texas needs to do like our friends in many other states—legalize gaming and legalize the use of marijuana. Now, I know that might scare some of you because you have been fed the lies for many years now. I understand that and I want to explain this very simply to you:

Just like the Left said the amount of people carrying guns in the open would significantly increase and crime would rise once we passed open carry in Texas….it did not. Nothing major has happened and no significant increases in crime or murders has taken place. The streets and cities are still just as dangerous and deadly as they ever were—no more deadly and no safer. The cause and effect were neutral. I promise you that the impacts of gaming and the legalization of marijuana will be the same way.

Just like your grandparents heard when prohibition ended on alcohol the lies will be told and the scare tactics will be pressed from the pulpit to the Senate floor. While current lawmakers have offered no real solutions and their political PACS have used scare tactic after scare tactic to make sure that you continue to believe their lies and stay distracted—they offer zero solutions, and they will continue to offer none until we the people hold them accountable.

Let me be frank with you—establishment political leaders are the most ineffective nad useless creatures that civilization has ever known. They are driven by power, greed, egos and narcissistic manic behavior. They are liars, cheats, and bad actors from every walk of life. They exist not for you and me, but for themselves and their political friends and associates. Well, we must end that and look past the lies, the scare tactics and the deception that both Democrats and establishment Republicans are playing with us—we must move forward in unity and stop this practice of increasing taxes.

When you go to the ballot box, I ask that you send them a message and vote for a common man who really gets it. Vote your conscience and vote for me, Danny Harrison—an everyman, for everyone.

I will talk to you again a little further down the road but until then

God bless you and God Bless Texas!

It Is Time We Put A Boot Up The A#$ of The Feds Down On The Border

Every truly great society in the world has survived when they have three things: Secure Borders, A unified language, and a common culture. Throughout civilization wars have been fought and blood has been shed over these three keystone principals. Despite what Democrats and many Republicans are saying America is facing a threat to all these even as we speak. Texas is facing a threat to all of these, and it is not getting any more secure or safer under our current leadership. When asked what it is exactly, I would do as Governor to protect and defend the people of Texas and America, I do have a plan and it is a plan that works.

As Governor of Texas, I will Fully secure the border, protect the wages and jobs of Texans, attract and retain the best and brightest talent from around the world to our state, and prioritize immediate placement of immigrant families, while working to fully preserve our humanitarian values that make us “The Friendship State.”

On day one of my administration, I will begin the process of addressing the crisis at our border that because of bad leadership at the state and federal level, is at a breaking point. Millions of aliens arrived at the border this year alone, and more than thousands more aliens have arrived each of the past two months. The truth is that something must be done and if the federal government will not—I will. One way or another—government be damned.

My actions as Governor will establish a self-sustaining and renewable border security project that will remove federal forces from the situation and the state while utilizing Texas based resources and assets to fully secure the border. My plan will ensure 100 percent inspection of people and good at STATE ports of entry, and will stop drugs, contraband, and counterfeit goods from crossing into the state of Texas. My plan will also, without a doubt ease trade process between Texas and our good neighbor to the South, Mexico. If needed, I will deputize QUAIFIED citizens to assist with non-law enforcement duties by creating local militias in our communities. These militias, as authorized by the United States Constitution will take on the responsibility of simply observing and reporting. They will also be tasked with surveillance of the border area and with providing humanitarian aid to those migrants who are in the worst of conditions. My plan will not only do exactly what they federal government is failing to do, but it will show to the world that Texas can be a responsible leader in a world that seems to lack exactly that. Once again, on the worlds stage Texas will be seen as a leader!

I believe that the federal government has abandoned its responsibilities and as Governor, I will take every necessary action to legally hold President Biden accountable for his direct lack of intervention and his placing Texans lives and security at-risk. President Biden has failed. Our government has failed. Even we, the people have failed for not holding our elected leaders responsible. Well, now is the chance to do exactly that and beat them at their own game and throw the federal government out like the trash that they are.