Danny Harrison For Governor of Texas


Standing For Independent Conservative Values In Texas

Danny Harrison is a North Texas business owner and innovative thinker on problems and solutions to the problems that face us all.

Danny Harrison is a Texas based businessman and leader who has a real vision for Texas and where Texas needs to go from here. Failed leadership and strong priorities come first–not cronyism and big business. Danny Harrison believes in Texas first.

Defending Texas First

Where was Greg Abbott on January 6, 2021? He was hiding from the issues. He was not out there defending the President or democracy. He remained silent. Where was Governor Abbott when the election was stolen from back in November? Again, he was silent. Where was he when he should have been defending Texans and Texas owned businesses against and unseen enemy attacking us with a virus? Again, he was silent—unless you count standing with big business and special interest groups that have supported his campaign over the years as doing something. We need leadership in Austin that this going to defend Texas first and put our interests above all else. We need a Governor that will dedicate himself to our people and our state—not one that sits around dreaming of his shot at the White House.

Join me in Defending Texas First!

Where I Stand

I will do something that no other candidate for Texas Governor can—I will fight for my fellow small business owners. I have not made my living off of the taxpayers, or built a huge social media following playing the Facebook ad game. I have been out here in the trenches with my team building and growing a successful North Texas landscaping business. I will not sell us out to special interest groups like the establishment has. In fact, when a big business does come to Texas they will be expected do support our locally owned small businesses—not put them out of business!

Texans love our freedom and we love our property! I believe we should protect both of them! I will stand for property owners rights in every case from standing against the Marvin Nichols Reservoir project to lowering property taxes and making sure that our property remains safe, secure and useful for future generations. We cannot let developers and special interest groups take over our state. If we need more water, let’s figure out new innovative solutions to getting—you DO NOT TAKE PEOPLE’S PROPERTY FROM THEM. That is the Texan thing to do!

Enough of all of this talk and posturing! We have got to do something along the border to really protect it. Enough of sending law enforcement on these ”special missions” that only cost taxpayers money and waste vital resources. Greg Abbott has proven himself weak and only making moves that he can use if (actually when) he runs for President. Other candidates are simply giving you national talking points. I want real solutions. Create laws that help protect border region property owners, make it to where it is not just a ”catch and release” trespassing charge. Do something outside of the box. Work with the legislature to pass laws that protect the innocent and punish the criminal. My standpoint is simple—stop listening to special interest groups and national party advisors and start listening to the leaders and “Generals” on the ground. Give them the tools and resources to get to work. Stop laying politics. I will make sure that we protect the lives of the truly vulnerable and innocent while making sure that our property and homes are fully protected. And, I will make sure that our homeland comes first! I believe in protecting the BORDER, OUR TEXAS CULTURE AND OUR FREEDOMS!

Democrat leaders on the Texas coast have been making moves to target the Texas Open Beaches Act. They try and make subtle moves to restrict access and limit the ability for Texans to enjoy our public beaches. They try to close them for everything from a pandemic to a high tide day. They do it in the name of public safety and environmental protection . Deep down they want one thing—close Texas Public Beaches and Restrict access. This must be stopped! We must limit their ability to randomly close Texas beaches and pass laws to ensure that we are doing more to protect the rights oof every Texan to get out and enjoy one of our most precious natural resources. I will stand with Texans and I will fight to KEEP OUR BEACHES OPEN TO THE PUBLIC for years to come!