Texas has got to do something about property taxes and finding new revenue. These simpleton issues that are coming from a simpleton governor just is not cutting it. We need to find new revenue and that starts with expanding horse racing and gaming in the state of Texas and stop cowering to the far-right that keeps blocking the issue every single time it comes up. We cannot live in fear and we cannot legislate morality. The time has come that we stop sending money out of state and keep those dollars right here in the state of Texas!

Drive to Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico or even go to Nevada and see just how many Texans are there at any given minute. The numbers would shock you. Why not keep that money right here in Texas and use it in our local communities. Use it to fund unfunded mandates that Texas counties are bogged down with. Use it for our schools. Use that money to lower property taxes, bring better access to rural healthcare, and offer a better life to all Texans. It is time that we stop listening to the people who only live to legislate social morality in Texas and listen to the wise voices who understand that this would benefit more Texans than it would harm.

Why not expand horse racing into historical betting? No problem there. Why not bring more horse centered functions to Texas? Why not bring more veterinarian jobs and technician jobs to our state? There is no real downside to this proposal and it time that the people of Texas have their say.

The proof is in the pudding that a majority of Texans support legalized gaming in the state. They support casinos and they support having destination resorts in our communities. Here is the truth:

Members of the Texas Legislature and Governor Abbott took money from casinos in hopes that Texans would be given the opportunity to vote on the issue. Instead of passing a measure to do it, Governor Abbott and a large number of Texas lawmakers took the money and shafted the casino and gaming industry leaving them in the dark and wasting millions in political contributions. That is unethical and if you or I did that it would be theft–but they call it “politics.” 

Greg Abbott take hundreds of thousands of dollars from casinos in Oklahoma and Louisiana to make sure that gaming never comes up before the voters. Guess what? He delivers to them every single time. Let’s face it–Greg Abbott is a liar who is posing as an ethical leader for Texas who is for the state and its citizens. He must be stopped. 

It is time that we elect a leader who will work with the industry and help them develop land that has already been secured in our state. It is time that we work with the tourism industry to bring new revenue to Texas and improve life for all Texans. The time has come to stop the madness in Austin and focus on what is best for all Texans! 

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