“Texas is a land of great opportunity. Illegal immigration is a real problem to our orderly society, and amnesty in any of its forms makes a mockery of our legal system. Illegal immigration places unfair burdens on our state and local governments and drives down wages for Texas workers. First, our borders must be secured. Second, employers who willfully seek and hire illegal laborers must face serious penalties for breaking the law. Third, government should not allow public benefits of any kind to illegal immigrants.”

My immigration plan includes:

  1. Opposing amnesty in any form for those here illegally.
  2. Opposing taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal immigrants.
  3. Supporting mandatory use of E-verify, a legal employment verification system, for all employers.
  4. Opposing in-state tuition benefits for illegal immigrants.
  5. Opposing the issuance of drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants.
  6. Supporting long-term investments to fully secure the border.
  7. Supporting a crackdown on employers who willfully hire illegal labor.
  8. Supporting interior enforcement programs such as 287(g), which authorizes and empowers local law enforcement participation in immigration enforcement within their jurisdictions.

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