50% of Republicans say that they are in favor of legalizing marijuana in Texas, according to a Gallop Poll released in November 2021. Texas should be doing more to expand legalization and forgive people with previous marijuana convictions in our state. 

There has been a documented increase of support for legalizing marijuana over more than five decades, with particularly sharp increases occurring in the 2000s and 2010s. In 2013, a majority of Americans, for the first time, supported legalization.

As was the case in 2020, solid majorities of U.S. adults in all major subgroups by gender, age, income and education support legalizing marijuana.

Substantive differences are seen, however, by political party and religion. While most Democrats (83%) and political independents (71%) support legalization, Republicans are nearly evenly split on the question (50% in favor; 49% opposed).

Texas could legalize marijuana and bring billions of new tax revenue to the state. Seriously, we could be doing more to bring added healthcare to rural communities and improve life for all Texans if we just make this one simple move that half of Republicans in America support. The times are changing and even while there is another half of the party that disagrees with the idea, a growing majority sees that we need to just do it. If democracy is the will of a majority of the people then the people need to have their say–not the minority.

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